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From Bing and Frank…….Oh and Hepcat too!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your families and friends this holiday season.

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  1. Well okay. You had me LMAO in 1940 & now you bring a tear. What a beautiful clip & aren’t we so lucky that it was preserved for us. Aside from the beautiful songs did you notice the tree with the very carefully placed tinsel? And how bout that fireplace in the background! Wowza, would I love to have Santa bring that one for me!

    YOU are a “gift” Mr. Hepcat – not only to your beautiful mama, but to all of us who are so blessed to call you friend.


    • hepcatrestorations

      Yeah, that fireplace was killer!

      I really do long for a different time then we are in now. I don’t know if parents teach their kids what Christmas is really about anymore. I see soo many kids rich with toys during this time with no real idea of what wealth of the soul is (getting off my soap box). I should of been my age in the 50’s, oh well. I appreciate your kind words and it feels good to be appreciated.



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