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On Christmas morning we would open presents and elect someone to hand out the gifts. I always looked forward to being picked for this honor.  I liked seeing the excitement on everyone’s face as they opened the presents. It was so cozy in the living room in our pj’s with the tree lit listening to Nat King Cole singing Christmas carols. We were never a rich family but on that day I felt we were wealthy beyond words.  I miss those times and I wanted to show some great clips of the Edwards family on Sherman Ave. who had great Christmas memories and were lucky enough to be recording.


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  1. Ok – 1940……1) What sadistic parents made their child put on a neck tie before he could open his presents? 2) I seriously had to take a smoke break half way through the mountain of presents this kid got. 3) There’s something seriously wrong with a kid that gets THAT excited about GARMENTS for Christmas. 4) How many watches can one kid wear? 5) (Dying laughing here). 6) I’m exhausted when he is made to do the “ABC” puzzle for the camera – how come HE’S not?! 7) I’m certain this child became a serial killer by 1960.

    Oh Hepcat, this had me rolling on the floor. But, also, (after 1940 & they let the kid open a present without a neck tie), did bring back such sweet memories. We weren’t rich either but mom always took a job at Christmas doing gift wrapping at Hales on K Street so my sister & I would have THE most magical Christmas every year. I swear there were times I actually saw the darn sleigh up in the foggy night sky. That certain beautiful smell of my new dolly’s, still to this day, stays in my heart if not my nose too! And I remember when I was 4 years old & got an electric train set! (Dad’s idea, I’m sure!). It was all metal and I got a shock off it! Haha! But I loved it.

    Thanks darlin for the giggles and the sweet memories. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas & make new, beautiful memories with the adorable Mz. Kitty.



    • hepcatrestorations

      They were so dignified back then and made the kids look like little professionals. I don’t think I could keep still at that age and would of got rid of that tie quick. Things have changed soo much from back then. I hope you and your family have a very special Christmas and a fantastic New Years.



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