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Our Trip to Lincoln

Our trip to Lincoln to pick up a great find.

Mel and I headed up to Lincoln to check out a 1940’s ice box. These are becoming hard to find because a lot of them didn’t survive or have been re-purposed. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t require any power because it is only an icebox. My plan for this piece is to clean it up and repaint it for use as a tea cabinet or maybe even a wine cabinet. I remember an episode of “American Restorations” where he turned a larger one of these into a wine cabinet by installing a cooling system, it was really nifty. Anyway, here are some photos in its current rough condition. I plan to paint the body in a bisque color, the doors in a dark maroon and the feet in black. I think it will look great when I finish.

This looks like a job for Hepcat!

The hardware looks rough but I will see if the polishing wheel can bring it back to life.

I plan to paint the interior as well where needed.

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  1. (Just so you know – I’m wearing a surgical mask & latex gloves so I don’t contaminate your site ;- ). But just had to roll off the couch to see what’s shakin at Hepcat’s and well wowee, just leave it to you to find a rusty ol hunk-o-junk to turn into an object’d art! This is going to be fannntastic kiddo! Love your choice of colors – will you be showing us step by step as you go? I can’t wait to get back to some projects – I’m real back in the mood (as soon as I quit hacking & stop the codine that’s making me more dingie than usual). Good news from this front – I’m expanding my space at the store – the guy next to me is moving out & I’m taking his space so all my stuff will be together again. Um, I think the codine is making me ramble so I’ll go now. We need to get together soon – I miss you two!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Hey Vic, make sure you are taking care of yourself. It is the season to catch the flu or a cold. I am excited about how it is coming and should be finished soon. I think yhe color combination is timeless. I have been taking pictures as I go along. I hope to be finished in the next day or two. We miss you too!



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