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Frederic Weinberg Iconic Guitar Lamp

Our good friend Frank allowed us to purchase this lamp from him. Mel and I have always admired this lamp. It had such a unique design and it throws such warm light.

Philadelphia based artist and industrial designer Frederic Weinberg produced and sold a wide variety of functional and decorative items under a company bearing his name. Though he is probably best known for his figural wire and fiberglass wall sculptures, he also produced retail fixtures, clocks, lamps and furniture for homes, institutions and businesses.


*images courtesy of my good friend Frank

Here are some more samples of Frederic Weinberg’s designs and creativeness.

Clock tower shelf, 1950’s. via Justin Modern

Atomic pedestal clock. via 1stDibs, Gurley Antiques

Guitar wall light, 1950’s. via Treadway Gallery

Atomic sculptural wall clock, 1950’s. via Wright Auctions

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  1. Wowza! You musta got that after I left your place yesterday! What a beautiful & unique piece. And guess what?! I FINALLY get to meet the famous “Frank” today! He & his wife are coming to the store & bringing me something verrrry special – thanks to your help, I will be the proud new owner of another Moss lamp. I am so excited to finally meet Frank & hope it’s fairly slow at the store so I can spend some time talking with this walking book of knowledge about everything vintage! I can’t wait!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Frank is a really great guy and a wealth of knowledge.I am glad that Moss lamp is going to you. You can never go wrong with Moss.



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