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I received a question from Frugale Femme who wanted me to blog about her question:

Hepcat – Your restoration skills are incredible! Would love to see a post that discusses how you obtained the skills/knowledge to do this work…or is it just a hobby during your free time? Regardless, your talent for this is amazing.

First of all, thank you for visiting the site Frugale Femme. I really appreciate your support. I first got into restoring early in my marriage. We didn’t have the money in the beginning to afford the finer antique pieces so we would buy items that needed a little work. Over time I kept restoring and swapped out our less desirable pieces for items that I restored that looked better. I started to pick and restore antiques outside of what we wanted to keep in our personal collection and found that I did pretty well. I was able to quit my job in the insurance industry and am fortunate enough to do what I love full time. What I know about restoring came from years of practice. I get asked all the time how I do what I do and honestly it is just doing research (internet, books, etc.) on techniques and trying to learn from mistakes. I also devote myself to avoiding shortcuts and not being afraid to try new methods.

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  1. You drew the above illustration didn’t you. I’m not even going to put a question mark on that one! *shaking head* – your talents are endless. Say, how bout making a video & putting it on here on the “deep dark secrets to successful spray painting”….Hmmmm?


  2. (OHMGOSH! I just noticed – You’re almost at the TWENTY THOUSAND mark! Holey mackerel! See, I told you you were missed. Almost time to pop the cork again :- )



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