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So Cool It’s Hot!

These were manufactured sometime in the 1950’s in Germany. Sofono has been in the heating business for a long time from what I can tell. I am uncertain if they are still around. I have never seen one of these heaters in the US, they mainly seem to be a European item. Unfortunately, I cant seem to find much on them but I fell in love with the design the second I saw it. I see on-line that folks are calling these heaters “Sputnik” and “Flying Saucer” heaters, the name fits. I now realize that I can not live through the winter without one of these guys toasting my feet. Maybe I will luck out and run across one at second Sunday. Anyways, here are some other colors they came in.

As you can see in the photo the feet changed from year to year.

Here is one hard at work in yellow!

It has vents around the outside to help move the heat around.

I am not sure how many colors they came in but here is brown.

It looks like they are around 24in.'s tall. I must have one!

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  1. Oh heck, don’t pine away too much for this thing when you’ve got the Adorable Mz. Kitty to keep your tootsies warm ;- )

    (It is very cool though & something tells me you’ll be finding one, one way or another :- )


  2. Hey there, I’m from the UK and just found you via Deluxeville! Yes we see these a lot in the UK but they are becoming more collectable, our friends had one for years then sadly sold on when we were too broke to buy from them. Ah well one day!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks for visiting my site straighttalkingmama!
      I would love to get my hands on one of these. I am watching one on eBay right now but I don’t know if I will get it.


  3. H i there!
    Love your blog!
    I restore 1940’s-1970’s furniture for a living (teak is my speciality) and it’s cool to see other devotees do the same.

    I don’t want to sound like I nitpick here but I thought these heaters were called Sofono, no?

    I had one when I lived in Sweden (cots me an arm and a leg) but it were taken by an ex and I do see them at car boot sales quite often but wait for a bargain. :))

    Keep up the amazing work!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks for your post Rascal. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for keeping me honest. I did misspell it. I will fix that asap. Hopefully one day I can get one of these one day.


  4. Found this for you! 🙂
    Ralph Ormiston returned to Scotland when his father fell ill, and was employed in Grange-Camelon Iron Company in Falkirk, part of the Federated Foundries Group. There he designed stoves and built-in fires, including the well-known ”Sofono” models. His work was featured in Scottish Field at this time. Then the company branched out into electrical appliances, and among his designs at this time was the round electric convector which has recently found new popularity as a design icon of the fifties and sixties.



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