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2nd Sunday Finds

What shall we find…..

Mel and I hit second Sunday this weekend and picked up a few cool items.

I know what you are thinking….you need another sign like you need another hole in your head. What can I say,  I like to invest in precious metal.

Oh wait, here is one more vintage soda clock we nabbed!

I have been looking for one of these for a while. I finally had a chance to pick up one for a good price. I need to refinish it but it is in great shape.

Ok, now this was the find of the day. I don’t think the seller knew who made these but I remembered seeing them in my Moss book. These are Moss “Leaf” lamps. We have the finials, we  just need the shades and one of them needs a rewire. (I will show how to do a rewire soon).

Here is a picture of the Moss “Leaf” lamp in the Moss book.

Here is our specific lamp.

Overall I think we had a pretty successful day of picking. We plan to visit Meteor Lights to design some shades for the two Moss lamps. I will keep you all in the loop on the restorations of the pieces that need it.

Here is the book that any Moss lamp enthusiast must own.

This is a really great reference book for Moss lamps.

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  1. I love your lamps!! You guys had some awesome success! Cheers! Sherry


  2. I swear, you two are THE luckiest pickers! I would have NEVER recognized those lamps as Moss. I for sure would have recognized the finials but probably would have thought them on the wrong lamps! And not one but TWO! *High Five* bud! I guess I should buy the book.

    Nice barber pole. Wonder where that will go???

    More signs??? You better get that Etsy store set up! :- )



    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Vic!

      I only knew they were Moss because of our book. As far as the barber pole and signs I can always find a place.


  3. Hi – Love your blog. It’s really giving me the confidence to start restoring some of my own mid century wares. I have to ask though, you mention using car wax to buff over the polyurethane finish. Is their a specific car wax to use, or will any suffice? Also, I have a similar lamp to this leaf lamp. It must be a Moss as well? Here’s a picture of mine, I got it for a steal.


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks, I am soo pleased it is helping folks. I use paste car wax to buff out the polyurethane (not any specific brand). I am pretty sure it is not a Moss lamp but it may be a Majestic lamp. It has that Majestic look. I tried looking for a Majestic lamp like yours but I couldn’t find a photo. I am still certain it is a Majestic.



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