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A little scoop of heaven

When Mel and I are craving a thick shake or a scoop in a waffle cone we go to Gunther’s. I have been coming here for years. My favorite thing they sell is a Bing cherry shake, Mel likes to try what ever is new. They also make great sandwiches too!

Gunther’s was opened in 1940 but the location it is at today was opened in 1949. Originally owned and operated by Herman “Pop” Gunther and his wife, Iva.

The Gunther’s worked for a small firm that had opened a chain of ice cream stores throughout the Bay Area. When the company folded after 20 years, the Gunther’s decided to open their own business, but in a warmer climate. Feeling the idea would work on a one-store basis, the Gunther family (Pop Gunther, Iva and son Dick) moved to Sacramento and bought a little store on the corner of 5th Avenue and Franklin Boulevard.

Here are some great old photos of Gunther's

The store was 12 feet wide and 40 feet long. Ice Cream was manufactured on the premise. Business was all carry out, hand-packed pints and quarts. The biggest volume was in ice cream cones, which sold for five cents each.

The Gunther’s operated the ice cream store until 1968. Mr. Gunther passed away in 1963 and their son, Dick Gunther, passed away soon after in 1967. Mrs. Gunther unable to continue operating the store sold the business to Carl Buchell that year. (Iva Gunther passed away in 1989.)

Love to watch Gunther sling that ice cream! This is the fantastic neon sign of the shop. It is great to shoot down there on a summer's night for a cool treat.

The present owner of Gunther’s Ice Cream, Rick Klopp, was employed in 1969 at the age of 22 by Carl Buchell. Rick became manager of the operation 5 years later, and in 1974, Rick bought the business from Carl Buchell.

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