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Moss Radio Lamp

Our good friend Frank allowed us to purchase this from him. It is the prized and rare Moss AM radio lamp. It has a Hedi Schoop figurine as a part of it. It is sporting a retro shade and looks great but is not the original. Here is a picture of this lamp from the famous book “Moss Lamps: Lighting the ’50s“, a must for any true Moss lamp collector.

It has a lighted base.

This is such a cool figurine.

It also has a planter box to the right of the Schoop figurine. I need to swing into Michaels to pick up so artificial greenery to put in there. We really do love this lamp and it will be enjoyed for years to come.

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  1. Lamp is lovely but I am drooling over that pink chair how gorgeous is that?


  2. Awesome lamp and super gorgeous house! I am hoping to find a Moss of my own some day and I am praying to god it still has the original shade – even if it is in poor condition! Thanks for posting all the pics of your pad. It looks so much like my house! Sometimes I feel guilty because I have so many kitschy things on the walls (including vintage mermaids!) I think “Is it too much?” I’m so happy to know there are other people like me and my husband! 🙂 Great blog!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks soo much Sara! You are most definitely not alone, Mel and I are mid-century hoarders but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We always try to find room for one more thing.


  3. I just bought a similiar lamp. It has the 50’s two tier shade, and a “dancing” Asian girl. What can you tell me about it?
    Pics on my facebook page and instagram @stylemasters.



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