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1953 Universal Statuary of Chicago “Faces of Drama”


Mel and I recently acquired these to hang above our Philco “Miss America” TV. I love the design of these two faces and think the antique look of them will go good with the wood color of the television. These were made by Universal Statuary of Chicago Co. 1953.

Here is a little history on this company:

“Universal Statuary of Chicago was started by the Lucchesi family originally producing traditional Italian type designs out of plaster. In the late 50’s they started producing out of more durable polymer type materials. I believe they started the company around 1940. They produced a lot of decorative accessories for their own distribution as well as on contract. They also produced large items for store displays.

If you want to read the account of a gentleman that use to work there then please click on this “link”.




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  1. Very cool. I LOVE the lamps btw! I gain inspiration from reading your blog to actually work on some of my vintage projects that have been collecting dust 🙂


    • hepcatrestorations

      Wow, thanks for that little boost. I love knowing that I am inspiring other to do what I do. Thanks soo much for your post.


  2. Love the comedy/drama masks! Universal Statuary is the bomb! 🙂 And too funny, I have that EXACT same antenna!



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