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1950’s Health-O-Meter Scale Restoration

Love the color but I plan on changing it and making it more stylish.

I purchased this item recently that required restoration. I love the style of this scale and how well it is made. This thing is bullet proof! It appears whoever tried to restore it before me used house paint and a brush. There were a lot of runs in the paint and I knew I could do better.

Wow! Look at that paint job.

 The first step was to strip the old paint off of this scale and then scrape off the black foot pad that is aged and cracking.

This old foot pad is really on here!

I chose to paint this scale two colors, black and evergreen. I also used a silver pinstripe to break up the colors.

While this is drying I will polish the chrome cover.

You can see a difference between the side that was polished and the side that isn't.

 After the black paint dried I taped off the black portion and painted the exposed area in evergreen. Once that was dry I then applied the silver pinstripe and attached the foot strips.

And here it is!

The chrome is shinny and it looks great!


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  1. Nice job! I have a 1950s pink scale I’m wanting to restore, but haven’t been able to find the right (pink sparkly!) vinyl for the top. But you gave me an idea to use black instead. What did you use for the top?


  2. Wow! Just amazing! It looks beautiful!


  3. Excellent (of course) but what is the black stuff you used on the top & what did you use to polish the chrome?



  4. I just got a hold of an old Borg bathroom scale and although it is in pretty good shape it does need some TLC. I’m so glad I found this.
    Question: The chrome edges on my scale are rusting in some areas, would you recommend using chrome Rustoleum spray paint?


    • No, it wont look right. If the rust isn’t too bad I would just clean it up the best I could. If it is really obvious then maybe sand off loose material till smooth and just paint it with a color choice that works with the scale. I find that a lot of the metal color paints end up looking fake and not at all like chrome or brass.


  5. Beautiful!..
    I would like to do the same to an old scale I just bought. Could you share which chrome polish you used and where to buy the adhesive grip strips? Thank you!


  6. Hi – did you replace the numbers ribbon on the wheel? It looks new. I have almost the same scale and it needs new numbers. But I can’t seem to locate them new.



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