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Putting Wings On The World

I was cruising Craigslist today when  I came across this wonderful desk. Honestly, I have never heard of this desk maker nor have I ever seen this style desk. I fell in love with it right when I saw it. I already have two tanker desks and this just isn’t an option but to any of you readers out there who have the space and the cash then you should jump on this. I have been checking online and they are pretty collectible and have sold at auction houses for a pretty penny. The rumor is they were created originally for Howard Hughes. The construction of the desk is both wood and metal with the drawer frames being constructed of metal and the rest of the desk of wood.

Here is what these desks can look like.

Wow, the wood just glowes and the style is soo appealing. As you can see some of the desks had rounded corners while some desks like this one had grooved corners.

I researched online and here is what I found out about the maker of these desks.

Fletcher Aviation was based in Pasadena, California and produced flight trainers for the US Air Force in and around WWII (the current iteration of Fletcher is AJ Industries of El Monte, CA). Exhibiting a wide range of engineering flexibility, Fletcher made complete tail assemblies for the Douglas A-20, built bomb racks, plywood fuel tanks, wheel wells and engine nacelles for the F-61 Black Widow. Brothers Wendell, Frank, and Maurice Fletcher developed the highly successful company by designing advanced aeronautical products to solve problems for the US military. The story behind this art deco furniture design reveals how Fletcher applied engineering tactics to an office space situation. Fletcher had several employees go off to fight in WWII. These employees were replaced with new ones. Once the war was over and the soldiers returned, Fletcher wanted to keep both old and new employees. But there’s only so much office floor space available. So Fletcher designed this desk to fit into a corner. This allowed them to place four people in the space previously occupied by two.


Fletcher made complete tail assemblies for the Douglas A-20.

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  1. Omigod – I realllllllly should have been born rich instead of so darn good looking! I would have been such a good rich lady. This desk is to die for, no matter which style. Wowza. Thanks for making me feel bad for being an old pauper…….. ;- ) (good info tho – another item to keep my eye peeled for). BTW – I bet I didn’t tell you I’m going to take on the Laszlo desk this spring. Yep, going to give it my best shot. I love it so much.



    • hepcatrestorations

      I know, that desk is amazing and I would get it if it were a little cheaper.

      You should take it on Laszlo desk. If you re-veneer it it would look great. It will be a good project.



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