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Carlo of Hollywood: X-Large Ballerinas

Mel and I purchased this Carlo of Hollywood watercolor from eBay for under a $100. This thing is large measuring almost 6ft wide. When we received it the glass was missing. We went to our local framing store and purchased replacement glass for around $90 (not bad). The frame was really stained with smokers nicotine residue. I busted out the “Awesome” and gave the frame a scrubbing.

Artcraft Stamp

We must have every ballerina he has done.

This thing looks great with the new glass!

It looks great with the Radio Moss Lamp…….Oh yes that is the Idaho Motel sign but I am not done messin’ with it yet. I will blog about it once I finish it.

We have matching smaller Carlo’s that I may move near this one later. We will enjoy this for many years.

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  1. I am so jealous!!!! Great find! Love it!!! 🙂


  2. Simply breath taking. For under a hundred bucks?! Some guys have all the luck.


  3. OK. This is REALLY Twilight Zone. I was the one you outbid when you bought this Carlo. Seriously. How bizarre is that!?! The Mr and I were in Vegas the weekend this was ending, so we were just going to pick it up if we won it. Glad to know it went to a good home. I guess it really is a small “retro” world isn’t it?



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