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Hello From Nebraska!

Hello Hepcats! I am currently in Nebraska helping my 84-year-old grandmother bounce back from hip surgery. It is nice to be back home after so many years away. I was actually born in Nebraska and this is my first time back. It has been nice learning about my mother’s side of the family. My mother is also here with me. It has been nice because she has shown me a lot of things from her childhood and told me stories about my family and our history here, including being related to General Custard and Daniel Freeman (1st homesteader in Nebraska). Anyways I just wanted to tell you all what is going on and why I have not cranked any restorations out in the last few days. It has been fun discovering my family roots and I look forward to getting home. Until then I will try to post some interesting things while I am here.

Take care all!

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  1. You’re a good man Charlie Brown. I bet your mom & grama are LOVING having you all to themselves! NOT that they wouldn’t love having the Adorable Mz. Kitty there too, but as a mom of grown sons it’s special to have them to ourselves sometimes. Enjoy your time together – those sweet memories are what life is made of. Hope your grama feels well & is up & at’em in no time. She’s going to feel like a whole new girl with that new hip!



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