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Ground Control To Major Tom…

When growing up I remember being totally immersed in action figures, toy cars and guns. My parents would tell me when I was little I would go to sleep with toy cars or an action figure tightly clutched in my hand. Imagination is what allowed me to be a soldier or a monster or even a space traveler and the tools I used to make my journey more convincing were the toys that I brought along the way. It seems to me that some of the coolest toys I have seen while traveling through antique shops and fairs are the toys from the 50’s & 60’s. The American toy manufactures from that time were focused on space exploration due to the fact that we were building up our space program and we were neck and neck with Russia trying to put a man on the moon. This all made for a perfect environment to crank out some really cool and atomic looking toys. Here are a few that I just love!

I think the styling of that car is soo cool.

These are soo awesome. When you squeeze the trigger it shoots sparks out of the front!

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  1. Omigosh, I had one of those guns! (Surrrprise! Haha!) And you’re right, it was waaay cool! I can’t imagine why I had one – me & my sister always had the girliest of girl toys. Musta been because of the cool sparks, and the harder you pumped the trigger, the more sparks shot out & it made a wheezing kind of noise! I think it might have been from my favorite 5 & dime store where you could actually get toys for a nickel or dime & candy for a penny! It was shaped more like a space ship. What a cool blast from the past. I’d forgotten about it. And you know, you painted quite a picture of the adorable little Hepcat going to dreamland with his little action figure. You’re a very talented writer (NO surprise!) among everything else.


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Vic. I think this is something everyone can relate to. We all had toys and we all used our imagination as a kid to expand our world. I think in some ways I never grew up. Thanks for your post!



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