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Pinch Me……Am I Dreaming?

I am such a girl sometimes (I don’t mean this in a negative way), I think often of things I would love in my dream house. I know if I were not renting I would be looking for some great functional retro appliances for the kitchen. I love the durability of the appliances made back then. They approached the manufacturing of these appliances like they were making a car. They were made of heavy steel and everything on them was bulletproof. Here are a few that I would be looking for if I were designing a  kitchen of my own…

Wow! This refrigerator looks like it was made to last. This was manufactured in 1955 by Kelvinator and was called the “Foodarama”. Look at how much food this thing holds! It looks bigger then anything made today unless you buy a Sub-Zero. Check out the girl in the skirt!

I came across this when I visited “Dream Stoves“. This is just it for me. It is a 1947 Roper Town & Country stove and it is large and in charge. It has 8 Burners, EXTRA large center griddle, 2 Ovens, 3 Broilers, 1 Storage drawer, Clock timer, Salt & Pepper shakers, Minute timer, Cook light. I bet this could run a restaurant. I even love the color. Here are a few close-ups of the stove…Now lets turn our attentions to the dishwasher. I found this really cool Hotpoint dishwasher on-line. I love the salmon color and the styling of it. I know the early dishwashers were really small but if it were just two people it might work good.

This all may be a dream for now but maybe one day I can make it a reality. I would love the chance to restore any of these to make them look like new. It is getting harder and harder to find these cool pieces. I know some of you are lucky and have kitchens with vintage appliances so I just ask that you appreciate them and enjoy them for someone who can’t.

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  1. Patrick Coffey

    Hey Hepcat have you checked out yet? That is a website dedicated to the vintage appliance craze….take a look I promise you will not be disappointed.



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