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New Shade For Our Restored Reglor

As you can see this shade was tired and needed some new life breathed into it.

Hello all, today I (with some help from Mel after she got off work) restored a Reglor shade that we picked up from Frank. This shade is different from the usual Reglor shades. I got to looking at it and it seemed it would be pretty easy to re-finish so I said let’s do this! I had to go to Joann’s first to pick up fabric and edge dressing to finish this lamp shade.

As you can see it was pretty well-worn.

The first step is to remove the fabric cover from the lamp shade and then lay it out on your new fabric. Use this as a reference to get a rough sizing of how much fabric you’ll need.

Here it is all ready to be used as a template.

The next step is to cut out a replacement cover from the template of the old shade. Make sure to leave it a little large so you have enough to wrap it under the lip of the shade. The next step is to start sewing the shade to the frame.

The frame of the shade was tightly wrapped with fabric. This is what you will sew the new shade to.

Here you can see where the new fabric was sewn to the frame.

Once you sew the total edge of the shade you need to cut off excess fabric.

I then used fabric glue to help tuck the excess fabric under the shade.

We purchased a yard of this trim fabric that we used to dress up the top opening on the shade.

Here is the really cool trim we attached to the edge of the lamp......ready to see the finished product?

Ta-Da! We had no idea how much we were going to like the final results.

It looks so great with the restored lamp!

This looks great next to our ultra atomic cool pink wing chair!


Continental Art Company: Trillium Chalkware Lamp Restoration

Camila bled for her lovely lamp! Way to go!

Mel and I were approached by our friends Camila and Matt to repair their busted up Continental Art Company lamp. Ok, here is the story with this lamp…Camila saw a lamp just like this one but with different colors. She could not get that lamp out of her head so Camila made the ultimate sign of love……she got a tattoo of it on her forearm. A couple weeks later good fortune smiled upon Camila when she saw it online for sale for next to nothing. It had been broken in half, glued back together, and had lots of chalkware busted out and missing. I felt really good knowing Camila trusted me enough to fix her fantastic lamp. This lamp is so cool it will be hard to give it back. Mel and I debated on going into hiding to keep it…We could send pictures of it to them along its adventures (kind of like that gnome guy). But, anybody who loved this lamp enough to get a tattoo of it would track me down, steal my life, and take the lamp back. Thus, leaving Mel a widow.

Anyways, here is what we were dealing with when I got the lamp…

Here is the front with areas marked that need attention.

As you can see the back of the lamp appears to have taken a lot of damage.

The first thing to do was to fill all the cracks and areas that had missing material with spackle.

Here is the damage around the switch filled in.

After the DAP spackling dried I sanded it down and painted it.

After all the damage was filled and sanded I started to repaint the whole lamp. I used a semi gloss Valspar house paint. Mel and I shot over to Lowes to match the colors so we could make this lamp look like we didn’t change anything.

As you can see even with a complete repaint (yes, the entire lamp was repainted, everything) this lamp looks just like new and original. Mel even helped with some of the detail work!

As you can see the back of this lamp looks perfect and who could tell this lamp had previous damage?

Mel and I love the way the lamp turned out. I hope Camila and Matt love it too!

Here’s the final piece!

This Just In!…

Hello all, a friend of mine named Justin has a grand server for sale and I already have one so I wanted to let my readers know this is available. Mel and I have a grand server that is black and white. Here are some pictures of Justin’s server.

The pictures are not the clearest but it is cool!

Imagine the parties!

This would even look great in a danish or MCM styled home.

 If this is something you can not live without for one more second then give Justin an email at

Just something to keep me busy…

I got a late start today so I decided to do a small resto. I blogged about these boxes a day or so ago and I wanted to clean them up and freshen up the paint. It took a few hours to complete but I think they look great. I don’t think the pictures do them justice. I first started on the smallest of the shadow boxes.

To restore this I had to separate the back from the main body of the box and then I just painted them two different colors and re-assembled.

The next step was to restore the larger shadow box. I had to break the box completely down. I painted it to match the other shadow box. I love the final results of these and they will look fantastic in our room.

The new paint really brought it back to life!


Shave and a haircut…2 bits!

Mel and I picked this Barber Pole up two Second Sundays ago for a song and a dance. This pole was made by the Rose Supply Co. The manufacturers plate does not have a model number or any info on when it was made. I am suspecting it was made sometime in the 50’s but it may be even earlier. The aluminum finish had a lot of surface wear but still very solid.

When we purchased this it had a busted up inner cylinder that had been poorly hand painted. The outside and inside was pretty dirty too.

I plugged it in before I dismantled it to test the motor and all is "A OK"!

This lamp had a lot of excess wires that went nowhere so I rewired it.

Wow, no way to save this so I shot over to Ebay and ordered a new inner cylinder. Yep, you can still get replacements.

Like I have mentioned before, if you are good at taking things apart like me but suck at putting them back together then draw a schematic of it so you can reference it when re-assembling. Here is how I went about it, but you can also take pictures:

Here is my chicken scratch.

I tried to shine the aluminum finish on the buffing wheel but I didn't like the results. I then decided to give it a matte finish by using Awesome and 0000 steel wool scrubbing in one direction. I liked this result a lot more.

Here it is all finished up. I can't hang it yet 'till I know the layout of the room but that won't happen 'till I move our MCM stuff.

Here it is lit up and spinnin’!

I would like to get a couple of 1957 Koken President Barber Chair’s to sit in and watch TV. I would have the restored pole near them to tie it all together. I will have my eyes open for two of these to restore.

This one has been re-upholstered and done right. Wouldn't one of these be cool to kick back in and watch "Mad Men"?

Picking at Camila & Matt’s

Camila loved this piece as much as I do but she knew I'd give it a good home.

Mel and I were able to visit our friends Camila & Matt. Camila has a kickin’ Etsy store called Sputnik A-Go-Go. And guess what…….they live in a killer Eichler! Mel and I have Eichler envy! These two are such a trip. Matt set up the doorbell of their house to play the theme song to Mad Men. Anyways, we swung by their house to pick up some items they were selling. Here are some of our scores!

I love the style of these figures.

A little oil for the wood and this piece will be even cooler than it already is.

Mel and I were also able to purchase a couple of Weldtex (striated plywood) shadow boxes. I love the texture of these boxes. They always add to the feel of a room. I do plan to freshen the paint up on these and will show the process later.

Love the bow tie design!

This will match a set we previously purchased from Camila & Matt

As a kicker Matt and Camila let us have this forced perspective Carlo of Hollywood frame that needs to be restored. They knew I would be able to do something with it.

A few nails, sanding, oil, glass, glue and this frame will be like new. I plan to keep it a natural wood color.

Overall we had a great time talking and laughing with Matt and Camila. We always enjoy spending time with them and look forward to seeing them again…and ringing their door bell. Oh and before I forget, after Mel and I went out for dinner we found this at an antique store.

I plan to put these rather large ceramic pieces near our future purchase of Carlo of Hollywood bull fighter paintings.

Tieing up some loose ends: Chalkware Lamp and Plaques Restoration

I have a bunch of small projects around the house I work on when I don’t feel like getting into all the sanding, painting and staining. Mel & I purchased these chalkware wall pockets a while back at Second Sunday. The finish on them was faded and there were chips in numerous spots on them. Since I repaired our Reglor Fairy lamp I have been fearless when it comes to repairing anything chalkware.

I love the way the paint brought this back to life.

I took a little creative license here. I wanted to make this piece stand out. The original had a old, wrinkled image inserted behind the figure. I am still debating if I am going to insert another one.

I will stock pile these ’till I have enough stuff to start redecorating the room. I would LOVE to find the matching pair to these two (let me know if you know of any).

While I was working on these two I decided to start repairing and refinishing the newly acquired 1951 Reglor musician lamp. This lamp had a lot of dings and chips and a crack that ran down most of one leg.

As you can see this thing is pretty faded and someone tried to paint its chest.

This crack needed to be filled with crazy glue first and once it dried I filled it with DAP wall spackling.

This is a pretty serious ding in the front but not to worry becasue DAP will make it all better!

 The first thing that needed to be done was to clean the whole lamp and then start patching all the chips, cracks and dings.

As you can see there is a lot of work to do.

The next step was to paint the lamp. I matched the color at Lowes with a Valspar one coat semi-glass paint. Make sure the DAP spackling is completely dry before painting. Also, be careful not to apply too much paint at one time and let it dry before coats.

Here he is all done! I have the original shade but I think I will have it recovered to match the new vibrant colors of this fantastic lamp. (Note-You may find later after the piece dries that you have to re-touch some spots.)

I will keep you abreast of the shade situation.

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