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Mel and I picked these up the first time we ever went to second Sunday under the bridge in Sacramento. They were just sitting on a dealers table and I was astonished that no one had nabbed them yet. This was the worm on the hook that made Mel and I devoted second Sunday visitors. When I got them the gold was aged and peeling and the cords were cut. Easy fixes with some spray paint and some cord. The shades are in good shape so I never messed with them. Anyways these will be sold as well once I get home to start the process. I hope you like them too!

I haven't seen anything like these.

They look like they are wired into the wall but I placed them above outlets and used wire covers to hide the wires.

These have been great to own and have really been conversation pieces to folks that come over. We just love them but it is time to let someone else enjoy them.

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