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Totally Atomic Clock Resto

Here is the clock in its unrestored condition. The bottom lip of the frame of the clock is busted out and the joints of the clock are loose.

Mel and I picked this clock up in the bay area a while back. It needed a new frame constructed for the clock section because the wood was busted out. While I was in Nebraska for the last 20 days my step-father Dave (a master cabinet-maker) made a new frame out of cherry to match the rest of the clock.

Here she is restored! I think it looks great with a little sanding and some stain. The clock looks brand new!

The original planter box had old broken down foam and nasty looking plants. I replaced the artificial greenery and put small river pebbles in the planter box.

I had to replace the clock motor with one of the battery-powered ones from Michael's. I tried to make the old one work but upon further investigation it was really warm to the touch and I did not want to burn down the house.

I love the lines of this clock and think it will go great with our Moss lamps.

There is a makers tag but unfortunately some of the tag is missing so I am not sure who made this clock.

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  1. Laura Stangland

    What an awesome clock! I love it. I collect MCM clocks and have never seen one quite this cool.


  2. Very adorable. And what a nice little “welcome home” from your step-dad to have made that repair for you. (BTW – I keep forgetting to tell you that your business cards have been rapidly disappearing from my space – better watch what you wish for! ;- )



  3. What an amazing clock! You’d never guess you even did any work to it. Just beautiful!


  4. that’s is GORGEOUS! truly lovely.



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