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Second Sunday Finds

Mel and I had another great day shopping at the local Second Sunday Antique Fair. We actually haven’t seen it that busy in a long time. Anyways we found two more things for me to restore. Here is the first:

We ran into our good friend Dennis while we were shopping. He had a booth and had the usual cool things including this machine. It is a simple mechanical vending machine (where nothing can really go wrong with it). You can tell by its condition it needs a cosmetic restoration but I was left with a dilemma of how to duplicate the graphics once I repaint it. I love the image on the front and would hate to lose its charm by just painting it and leaving it blank. I contacted “Signs Now” and they said they might be able to duplicate the image if I brought in a picture. I plan to swing by them tomorrow to see if they can help me. If they can then I will keep this resource handy when I run across this problem again.

According to the image on the front it appears I am missing the feet on my machine. I will have to find a solution for the feet but the machine looks solid and has no real dents.

I'll keep you informed if I am able to duplicate this little guy.

 As you know from my earlier post I found a pedal car I plan to restore that I located at the Antique Trove in Roseville, CA. Yesterday’s shopping excursion yielded yet another pedal car I plan to restore. This time I found a flat face “Fire Chief” Murry pedal car. I am not sure what year it is but they were produced from 1959-1974. Like I said before, I am not a purist when it comes to restorations and that is why I don’t plan to keep this as a Fire Chief. I plan to instead convert it to a regular car…but an awesome car.

Varooom Varooom....ok maybe not yet.

Next time you see these they will hopefuly be well on thier way to getting restored. Unfortunatly I will never get the chance to ride in them because I could probably only fit one leg into them.

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