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Retro Venda-Pak Vending Machine Restoration

Here it is as we purchased it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post we picked this up at Second Sunday. As you can see it was in pretty rough shape. It was also lacking the feet that it was originally made with. The mechanics of the machine are simple and functioned good. The first step was to take pictures of all the images on the machine so I could have “Signs Now” duplicate them. I was unsure if they would be able to duplicate it but they surprised me. It is also very reasonable to have them create these decals. The turnaround time was about 3 days so it is fairly quick as well.

Here is the proof Signs Now sent me. I can't believe how well they were able to duplicate the images.

 The next step is to dismantle the machine, remove all the old finish and prep it for paint.

I had to remove the mechanism from the back of the door so I could re-finish the door. A good tip if you are like me (great at taking things apart but not putting them back together) take pictures of the items you are dismantling so you know how they go back together.

I tried to use stripper but it wasnt working very well on the paint so I busted out the hand sander and the electric sander.

With painting anything the real work is the prep. If you don't do a good job it will show so make sure to take extra effort to ensure you have a great finished product.

These have been painted and partly reassembled and are baking in the sun.

Here are the feet I purchased from Lowes and painted. I also painted the little accent pieces that will go in the windows where the candy sits.

With everything painted it is time for re-assembly.

I reinstalled the coin mechanism and reattached it to the main cabinet.

I then installed the feet, the upper door and decals. I also installed the accent pieces in the windows as well.

I kept the decals the same color except the mascot. I changed that to black because I think it offsets it from the rest.

What a difference some paint and elbow grease can do.

Here it is all done. I think it turned out really well.


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  1. Elbow grease is right. And it turned out better than really well – it’s excellent, as usual. Spectacular might be the best word. And dangit……you sprayed again! :- (


  2. Great job! I’d love to have one of those in my house! And I love your tat- been thinking about getting one with an F4U Corsair with “All gave some/Some gave all” as the prop arc. A very dear friend of mine flew one in the Marines and recently passed away.


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks for your kind words. I got that tat to show the dates I was in the Air Force. I like the more classic style tattoos and think they are timeless.I warn you, once you get one you cant stop!


  3. Simply AMAZING!!! It’s beyond words beautiful. Great job!


  4. so impressive, as always!


  5. I think its brilliant.


  6. Nice job bro !!! I have the exact same machine- I found mine at the local dump when I was ten – I am now 27 – it sits in my Rex room in my house – mine is all there except the door glass- the bracket to hold the glass and original product weights are present as well – I thought I would never find one on the net – you made my day – cheers – Bryce


  7. Any idea the age of these machines?



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