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Daily Archives: February 18, 2012

Some great finds!

After a full day of shopping we found some really great treasures, most notable is the Heywood Wakefield “Rio” style vanity in the Champagne finish. What draws me to this style of Heywood Wakefield are the drawer pulls. I love the “x’s”! This line of Heywood Wakefield was only made from 1943-1944. This will need to be refinished but I have refinished Heywood Wakefield before and it is not a big deal.

This has the original mirror and glass shelf (glass shelf not pictured).

I hope to find matching dressers, queen bed frame and nightstands.

 As usual Mel and I found more lamps we could not live one more second without…

We found these Heifetz Lamps at an antique store on Auburn Blvd. These would look great next to some black frame Carlo’s. They will require refinishing as well.

Here is a 1951 Reglor lamp. It appears to be a gypsy. It has the original shade and finial. I have a real weakness for Reglor lamps.

Mel found this hanging ashtray shaped like a flying saucer. I love the design and how large it is.

Here is a Mallard tv lamp. This one is made by Lane.

Mel and I finally bit the bullet and purchased this tv lamp. This for me is holy grail of tv lamps. This was made by Lane as well. It’s HUGE!

This is a little cool dresser caddy that I had been eye ballin’.

 We had a really great time today and some of these items will be apart of future restorations. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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