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Picking at Camila & Matt’s

Camila loved this piece as much as I do but she knew I'd give it a good home.

Mel and I were able to visit our friends Camila & Matt. Camila has a kickin’ Etsy store called Sputnik A-Go-Go. And guess what…….they live in a killer Eichler! Mel and I have Eichler envy! These two are such a trip. Matt set up the doorbell of their house to play the theme song to Mad Men. Anyways, we swung by their house to pick up some items they were selling. Here are some of our scores!

I love the style of these figures.

A little oil for the wood and this piece will be even cooler than it already is.

Mel and I were also able to purchase a couple of Weldtex (striated plywood) shadow boxes. I love the texture of these boxes. They always add to the feel of a room. I do plan to freshen the paint up on these and will show the process later.

Love the bow tie design!

This will match a set we previously purchased from Camila & Matt

As a kicker Matt and Camila let us have this forced perspective Carlo of Hollywood frame that needs to be restored. They knew I would be able to do something with it.

A few nails, sanding, oil, glass, glue and this frame will be like new. I plan to keep it a natural wood color.

Overall we had a great time talking and laughing with Matt and Camila. We always enjoy spending time with them and look forward to seeing them again…and ringing their door bell. Oh and before I forget, after Mel and I went out for dinner we found this at an antique store.

I plan to put these rather large ceramic pieces near our future purchase of Carlo of Hollywood bull fighter paintings.

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  1. I have no words….swoon…thud! I just fainted at the awesomeness! I, too, have the disease of Eichler envy! :). Love the post! Sherry ooo


  2. Looks like you had a whoopin good time! Great picks! Love the cowboy/cowgirl



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