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Shave and a haircut…2 bits!

Mel and I picked this Barber Pole up two Second Sundays ago for a song and a dance. This pole was made by the Rose Supply Co. The manufacturers plate does not have a model number or any info on when it was made. I am suspecting it was made sometime in the 50’s but it may be even earlier. The aluminum finish had a lot of surface wear but still very solid.

When we purchased this it had a busted up inner cylinder that had been poorly hand painted. The outside and inside was pretty dirty too.

I plugged it in before I dismantled it to test the motor and all is "A OK"!

This lamp had a lot of excess wires that went nowhere so I rewired it.

Wow, no way to save this so I shot over to Ebay and ordered a new inner cylinder. Yep, you can still get replacements.

Like I have mentioned before, if you are good at taking things apart like me but suck at putting them back together then draw a schematic of it so you can reference it when re-assembling. Here is how I went about it, but you can also take pictures:

Here is my chicken scratch.

I tried to shine the aluminum finish on the buffing wheel but I didn't like the results. I then decided to give it a matte finish by using Awesome and 0000 steel wool scrubbing in one direction. I liked this result a lot more.

Here it is all finished up. I can't hang it yet 'till I know the layout of the room but that won't happen 'till I move our MCM stuff.

Here it is lit up and spinnin’!

I would like to get a couple of 1957 Koken President Barber Chair’s to sit in and watch TV. I would have the restored pole near them to tie it all together. I will have my eyes open for two of these to restore.

This one has been re-upholstered and done right. Wouldn't one of these be cool to kick back in and watch "Mad Men"?

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic job of restoration! I am really impressed with your skills, this wonderful piece will look beautiful anywhere in the room, looking forward for ITS location.


  2. That chair is awesome! And you’re right it would be perfect for TV watching- cup holder/ashtray and everything!


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Yeah, if I could get my hands on a couple of these chairs that would be awesome. But, from what I have seen they go for a fortune!



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