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New Shade For Our Restored Reglor

As you can see this shade was tired and needed some new life breathed into it.

Hello all, today I (with some help from Mel after she got off work) restored a Reglor shade that we picked up from Frank. This shade is different from the usual Reglor shades. I got to looking at it and it seemed it would be pretty easy to re-finish so I said let’s do this! I had to go to Joann’s first to pick up fabric and edge dressing to finish this lamp shade.

As you can see it was pretty well-worn.

The first step is to remove the fabric cover from the lamp shade and then lay it out on your new fabric. Use this as a reference to get a rough sizing of how much fabric you’ll need.

Here it is all ready to be used as a template.

The next step is to cut out a replacement cover from the template of the old shade. Make sure to leave it a little large so you have enough to wrap it under the lip of the shade. The next step is to start sewing the shade to the frame.

The frame of the shade was tightly wrapped with fabric. This is what you will sew the new shade to.

Here you can see where the new fabric was sewn to the frame.

Once you sew the total edge of the shade you need to cut off excess fabric.

I then used fabric glue to help tuck the excess fabric under the shade.

We purchased a yard of this trim fabric that we used to dress up the top opening on the shade.

Here is the really cool trim we attached to the edge of the lamp......ready to see the finished product?

Ta-Da! We had no idea how much we were going to like the final results.

It looks so great with the restored lamp!

This looks great next to our ultra atomic cool pink wing chair!

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed especially because that is an expansive shade. The restoration is amazing. But I am just completely overwhelmed by the chair and ottoman. That gorgeous pink frieze fabric is toooo die for, once I picked myself up off the floor over the entire chair design. Soooo jealous. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Thanks, Suzy


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks Suzy. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. I try to keep it fresh and updated as much as possible. We love that chair too. It is like a part of our family. Thanks for your post!


  2. Well in a million years I would never have thought to put those pink balls on that lamp (or anything else for that matter!) Not even two million years! But dang, you’ve got *the vision* and it looks smashing! Especially with the chair (of my dreams :- )

    BTW – Thank you for calling me back yesterday in my rush to the bank and for your expert advise on that table. I did get them to come down a bit more on the price.


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks Vic. I know those little balls are over the top but that is why I knew they would work. No prob, I am here if you need any advice.


  3. You guys never cease to amaze me with your creativity and talent! I must try this. I have passed up so many amazing vintage lamps that were missing shades – no more!


  4. That’s stunning!
    Great job! You’re a master of all trades. Is there something you can’t do?



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