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Hitting our usual places

Here are a few of our finds.

To start off the day we swung by our good friend Vic’s house who had an amazing piece for me to purchase and restore. Vic approached me a year ago and asked me if I was interested in acquiring her Brown Saltman desk designed by Paul Laszlo (with the hard to find matching chair). At the time I had too many projects. Now that I’m finishing some projects I think I have the time to tackle this awesome restore. This desk has great bones but will need some work to bring it back to life. Here are some shots of it…

It will look great when done.

I will restore the chair first and get it over to Bill at B&T Upholstery to make it look like new.

The next place Mel and I headed was to Roseville to check out the Antique Trove. Right when Mel and I walked in we saw this fantastic wagon that SCREAMED ultra cool. After some research I found out it was a reproduction of the ones from the 1930’s. Now normally that would be bad but this reproduction was made really well with the same heavy metal body as the originals. This was produced in the 90’s by a company in Sacramento that is no longer in business. I plan to revamp this and use it as a carrier for all our treasures during Second Sunday and other antique fairs. I am having my step-father Dave (master cabinet builder) build steak-sides for it so it can carry more. I plan to change its colors and put our company info on it. Anyways, here are some pics of it…

For a reproduction this thing is spot on.

Since it’s not an original I plan to change it up.

We also found some great odds and ends that we could not live without…

I have been watching these for a while. I finally took the leap. Unfortunately there is no makers mark but no worries because I love it.

This is not a Reglor lamp, but a Royalite Hollywood lamp. It is very similar to our recently restored Reglor so I had to get it.

This large and fantastic art deco ceramic figurine made by Charles Lemanceau from St. Clement France.

We also got these two great chalkware pieces.

Here is an all metal doll house we came across for a steal. It came with a lot of original furniture. Our friends Camilia and Matt inspired us. They also purchased a retro doll house they plan to renovate and restore.

This will have to satisfy our desire to own a retro home for now. 😦

Tomorrow we head to the bay to return Camila’s lamp to her, pick up a Heywood Wakefield dog bone bed and hit the SF Antique and Design Mall.

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  1. Hi, I think it’s the first time that I leave a message there although I have following it for months! I’m a 50’s french lover and live in a 50’s interior, wearing vintage.
    I love all your finds! I already own these chalkware ballers dancers.
    Please visit my blog:


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Hi Laurence,

      Thanks so much for following my blog!! Please feel free to comment more. I love to hear what people think. I quickly checked out your blog and love the way you and your husband dress. It reminds me of Mad Men. Vintage clothing is huge here too..I’m kind of a big guy so it’s not easy for me to find vintage threads..:). I would end up looking like Fred Mertz from “I Love Lucy”. I hope to see you on here more often. I’ll dig into your blog deeper tonight after dinner.


  2. Oh that wagon is SO YOU! You’re gonna be stylin man! You guys really hit the jackpot after you left here! I shoulda followed you ;- ) But the antique stores aren’t my “thing” (as a seller) so I’m mighty happy with my yard sale find after you left. Thanks for the head’s up on that one! (I keep glancing here at the blank space in the family room & missing the desk – almost said *my* desk :- ) But so happy it’s yours now.


  3. I would love to see the furniture for that doll house. I have one I bought at a yard sale for my daughter, but it didn’t come with any furniture. Wouldn’t it be neat to find doll house size 1950s atomic furniture to go with it?


    • Hepcat Restorations

      These homes are great! The furniture we got is actually the basic plastic ones. I would like to use more detailed pieces to dress up the home. Thanks for your comment.



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