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Mel and I drove out to a Galt Estate sale today to check on a Craigslist posting that mentioned it had a couple of Carlo of Hollywood watercolors for sale. The pictures in the posting were not very good and they didn’t even show them in the photos. We were sooo close to not going out there because we couldn’t believe we would find a couple of Carlo’s this nice just sitting around at a local estate sale. Mel and I have only been to one other estate sale before this one so maybe we should start attending more of them.

These are so vibrant and colorful.

The frames have been painted black but appear that they were originally red.

These are soo cool and will join the others in our collection once I refinish the frames.

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  1. Awesome find! These are gorgeous! Lucky, lucky, lucky! I say “yes” to more estate sales!


  2. You two have just got the luck of the Irish on you! You should definitely check out more estate sales Hepcat. I do a lot & have had great luck (my new Grand Server for instance!). Some are not great, especially the one’s run by liquidators. Often they want RIDICULOUS prices even for junk. I get P.O.’d & leave as soon as I get the jist of that! People are smart these days & are checking online for prices, but usually the one’s that the family are doing are the best & they are far more willing to bargin with you. Beautiful find on the Carlo’s! (BTW – share the word on those estate sales!).


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks Vic. Sometimes we luck out and stumble across a great find. Thanks for the heads up about liquidators, i will run the other way. I will try to give a heads up about estate sells I come across.


  3. That’s awesome! Big Mazel Tov to a great find!



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