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Some Great Things We Found

As a ritual we went to the local Second Sunday Antique Faire and only found a couple of cool things this time. There were a lot of other dealers shopping this weekend. We did see a few friends there including our friend and antique hunter Dennis. Here is a cool art deco clock like the one I restored before…

This is a "Syroco Wood 8 Day Jeweled" clock. This one is not the same as the one we restored before, it is a more stretched out version.

Since Mel and I picked up that Rio Heywood Wakefield vanity, we have been looking for age appropriate items to stock it with. Here is a cool little set of Yona ceramic pieces Mel found that will be a nice touch to the vanity…

I love the gold and the green!

We then stumbled upon this vintage shadow box that needs to be re-finished but was soo large I could not pass it up. I have plans to doll this thing up. It isn’t much to look at right now but that will change.

Ok, as usual I saved the best for last. We met a nice couple who was selling their 1960 Emil J. Paidar barber chair. This thing had a lot of similarities with the Koken chair I have been holding out for but couldn’t wait any longer. This chair had accessories like a razor strap (used to sharpen straight razor blades) and a child’s booster seat. This chair just needs a good cleaning and maybe some small upholstery work.

I love the colors and the yellow portion even has gold speckles. You can see the cool razor strap hanging from the side.

It even has the original armrest ashtray. I guess I will have to take up smoking now. Just kidding.

I will be picking up this gem in Dixon, CA on Thursday. I hadn't planned on purchasing something this heavy, so I was not prepared to get this thing home today.

Here is some info on this great chair…

The Emil J Paidar Barber Chair company was based in Chicago, Illinois. It has been building barber shop chairs since the beginning of the 20th century.

Here’s an interesting story about Paidar barber chairs: For many years, local US companies did pretty well selling chairs to the more than 100.000 barber shops in the States. But then, in 1957, a Japanese company, Osaka’s Takara Belmont Co. arrived in the States and started competing with American manufacturers.

The first models were almost identical models to the chairs produced by Emil J. Paidar Co., which by then was the leading manufacturer. Takara then made an intelligent move: his parts were interchangeable with Paidar Barber Chairs, so if an arm or footrest broke, Takara would just get some spare parts from their distributors network in the US, which were considerably cheaper than original Paidar Chair Parts.

This story about Japanese takeover sounds a little bit familiar, doesn’t it?

Anyway, going back to our Paidar Chairs, they are made (at least most of them) with the finest quality. Some of them get to be really expensive in the second-hand market.


I have a place picked out in the room right next to our restored barber pole. I think this will be a great place to sit while watching TCM or just to take a cat nap on a lazy day.

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  1. Glad the pickins were good. You always manage to find what you’re looking for. Maybe someday I’ll get to Second Sunday too :- )


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Yeah..there were A LOT of other antique dealers on the shopping end this time. We arrived around 7:30am and ran into one of our other dealer friends. He said we arrived too late and that he ran into just about every mid century dealer in town…lol. If it wasn’t for finding the barber chair it would have been a bust. I guess we’ll have to arrive earlier next month…ugh.


  2. Love the barber chair! These all seemed to be made for comfort so I would guess this really would make a great napping chair! I’ll have to dig back through your older posts to take a look at the Rio vanity. I have 2 in storage awaiting my attention, although one of them is in pretty good shape as found. I also have a full bed, chest and nightstand in the Rio suite. These all need my attention!


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Here is the link to the Rio HW vanity

      Hey-if you ever run across or have these pieces and you don’t have the time to restore them, I’d be happy to give them a new home! 🙂


  3. I have two 1960 padar barber chairs exlent con. Style nun. 1253


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Yeah, they’re great chairs. I wish I could fit 2 chairs in the space I am putting mine. I was actually looking for a pair of Koken chairs but jumped on this one at the local antique faire.


  4. I have a 1949 emil j. Barber chair for sale. It has the built in shoe shine ,on rotating foot rest. No rips in leather!hydrolics work,adjustable swivle arm rest.all porcelain..original warehouse instructions still attached to bottom of black leather seats…2500$or best offer. Contact mr.j 6163259422



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