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A few quick resto’s

I restored this frame a while back and I hated the way it looked and put it away ’till I could fix my mistake of painting it. I had to use stripper on this frame numerous times to remove the paint that was on it. It is always hard to remove paint, especially white paint, from wood. Once I got the paint off I sanded the whole frame down to bare wood. Then I used a Minwax walnut stain to bring the frame back to its original look.

The next thing I knocked out was to fix the Carlo frame that Camila and Matt gave to Mel and I. This frame was in pieces when Camila received it. She said she would never get around to fixing it so she said we should have it..

A little glue and some nails and the frame is structurally right as rain. I haven’t decided yet how I am going to re-finish the wood. I also need to get some glass cut for it and find a painting I like. It would be great if I could find a Carlo watercolor to put in it.

This frame is a large sized Carlo frame.

As you can see this is the reversed forced perspective frame.

The next resto I knocked out was the repair and restoration of these really cool Asian Carlo frames.

As you can see the frames were kind of beaten up and needed to be refinished.

This frame wasn’t too bad just needed paint & a new piece of glass.

This frame had the most damage. There were pieces of wood missing and dents. I was able to fill the voids with spackling and sand into form. They look like there was never any damage.

Mel and I picked up this Carlo recently and the frame needed a facelift as well. I purposely matched it to the two above so I could have a matching set above the fireplace.

The frame was well worn

I love this frame now and it looks great with the others!

Since I purchased the gypsy Reglor lamp and refinished it I needed to paint the Royalite Hollywood gypsy lamp to match. It took some time but I think it looks great!

The chalkware had numerous chips and fading in some places.

These look great! They can play their tambourines together. The next step is get a matching shade for the female gypsy.

While I had other projects finishing up I started to restore one of the Moss floor lamps. Mel and I won two shades off of Ebay and they arrived today so it was perfect timing. It is hard to show what the lamp turned out like with this photo but it turned out great!

I will start work on the Rio Heywood Wakefield vanity tomorrow becasue I need the room in the garage. Mel and I are waiting on our HW Rio dresser set to arrive from the east coast. Once they arrive it is going to get a little crowded in the garage.

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  1. All absolutely stunning, you really do have my taste! Sadly most of the stuff you have on here is so rare to find in the UK, I have brought some things back from the US but it’s not easy :o(


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks Fiona!! Yes, we do have the same taste. I shot over to your blog and saw your dream lamps…I would LOVE to have that pair of Moss lamps as well.


  2. Hmmmm…I was wondering who won those shades! They’re lovely, enjoy!
    As always, you do beautiful work.


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Yeah..the pink and black lamp shades I ordered from Meteor Lights were too small for the Moss floor lamps I restored so I needed a plan B. Thanks so much for the compliments!!


  3. Amazing what a little paint will do – that first picture re-painted in black makes that picture POP!


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks Tami!! I really would have liked to keep it original but the frame had a lot of scuffs. Since I had to restore the frame anyway, I decided to change the color too. Thanks for dropping by!!



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