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Twinkle Twinkle…

Little star. This starburst clock is smaller than the one I restored earlier. As I mentioned in the previous post we found this great 8 day jeweled clock at the local Second Sunday Antique Faire. This clock was manufactured by Syroco Wood. It has a fantastic design, very similar to the heirloom I restored before. The amazing thing is that I wound the clock up when I got home and it runs like a champ. It appears the movement was made in West Germany.

The first thing I had to do as with all resto’s, was to dismantle the clock. Once it was dismantled I could determine what needed to be repainted. I also cleaned it before a repaint to remove dust and debris (so the paint job can be more flawless).

Now that the clock is clean and dismantled we can head out to the garage to primer all the pieces.

Once the primer is completely dry then we can apply the new gold paint.

Wow, it glows like the sun with the new paint. This will really be eye-catching in the bedroom once the paint dries.

Shazaam! This thing looks amazing & the great thing is it has two different mounting brackets on the back so it can be hung two different ways (wide or tall).

Overall I am very happy with this restoration.

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  1. What type of spray paint did you use to get it so shiny and metallic looking? Love the blog by the way! Your restorations are always so incredible and inspiring! 🙂



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