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Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Available Lucy Couch & Chair Set

Hey All,

Since we got a lot of inquiries about our new couch and chair set, I thought I’d pass this along. Our contact at Outer Limits let us know that he has this Lucy couch and chair set available. They are reproductions of the Heywood Wakefield style couches from the 50’s. This is direct from the manufacturer. The fabric is a really swanky geometric grey and white pattern with polyurethane silver grey. We own 2 sets of these couches in the the starburst pattern (now discontinued fabric) and we LOVE them. The couches are seriously built like tanks. Click the links below to see our sets.

Our Set 1

Our Set 2

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you in touch with the manufacturer. Also, keep in mind that you can custom design sets using different fabric.

!Alert! Possible Holiday House !Alert!

***Update-The owner got so many calls that he decided to keep it and restore it :).

Ok all, I was cuising Craigslist as usual and saw this camper. I already have a camper so I can’t save this great camper from the scrap heap. I wont lie, it looks like a lot of work but these are rare! I hope someone can save it! Arrrrrggghhhh!





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