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!Alert! Possible Holiday House !Alert!

***Update-The owner got so many calls that he decided to keep it and restore it :).

Ok all, I was cuising Craigslist as usual and saw this camper. I already have a camper so I can’t save this great camper from the scrap heap. I wont lie, it looks like a lot of work but these are rare! I hope someone can save it! Arrrrrggghhhh!





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  1. I hope he actually restores it properly. Nothing as heartbreaking as a little vintage beauty being slapped together with modern ugliness running rampant inside. Sigh. I need to cruise Craigslist more…


    • Hepcat Restorations

      I can’t agree more. Keeping original is better than injecting a vintage trailer with a bunch of modern decor. If someone wants something modern, they really should just buy something modern.



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