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Happy Turnaround

I remember when Mel and I first met our friends Camila and Matt and purchased this ballerina plaque set from them. I wasn’t actually a fan of the color combination, but I thought I would change them up when I got the chance. That change wasn’t happening soon enough so I tried to sell them a while back and they didn’t sell. So, the other day I pulled them out of storage and decided to revive them. It is funny how sometimes things don’t work out, but it ends up being for the best. Now that I have revamped them I can’t imagine getting rid of them. I am soo glad they did not sell.

As you can see, I made the sticks go in the same direction and added balls to the end of every stick. It just made more sense than how they were before. Also, the colors of the chalkware ballerinas didn't go well with the original pink background. I painted the background green to match the green tones in the ballerina chalkware.

I employed the same spackling technique that I used on the pink and black retro lamps.

The colors are so much more compatible.

They look soo atomic above our television!

Our room is slowly coming together. It feels so great to be changing everything over from MCM to this atomic style decor. It feels like being a kid and living in Disneyland.  Mel and I have commented on how this style decor puts you in a good mood just by being around it. I guess that is why we changed things over. What good is decorating and decor if it doesn’t put you in a good mood?

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  1. Oh…MUCH improved!


  2. where did you get that TV? Does it really work?


    • Hepcat Restorations

      We purchased it at a local antique store. There was no TV in it when we purchased it so I installed a small panel TV. It is great for watching classic movies.


  3. Looks great!! You are truly talented Shane.



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