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Fan of Fans (Part 2)

Here they are!

Well today I managed to finish Fan 1 and reassembled Fan 2 (still waiting on switch to arrive from Ebay). I was really impressed with the way these turned out. The maroon one looks so much swankier than it did before, and the Mediterranean colored one just pops now with the new paint and polished chrome.These are soo cool!

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  1. This is my favorite. I don’t have any as amazing as yours I did have a hassock or ottoman fan but my wife didn’t like it and I have the usual desk fans.


    • Hepcat Restorations

      There are a lot of really cool desk fans out there too. I checked out your fan, very nice. Thanks soo much for your comment,


  2. Great job on restoring the fans! I have the exact same fan as your marine blue one. I also took mine apart and spray painted it. Nothing like a hassock fan to circulate the air and cool an entire room.
    Is that an ashtray on top of the red one? How does that work? You reach over to flick your ciggie and the ashes just blow up around the room? Or maybe you only use it when the fan is off?
    Love your blog – i always look forward to your posts. Very inspirational 🙂


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Hey Opal,

      Thanks, I love fans and have more hassock fans than I really need but oh well. Yep, That is an ashtray on top of that early hassock fan. I have never seen another one but maybe it is because of the scenario you described. I am glad that you like our blog. I appreciate your comment.



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