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Frame Design

In a previous post I told you about this picture I picked up from CraigsList. I am planning to design and make my own retro frames (with help from my Step-Father). Here is the design I sketched out…

I know my sketch may not convey the feeling I am going for completely but I think you can tell where I am going with it.

Here is the wood we used. I got this from a lady that was going to throw these boards out. I love recycling.

We had to cut, plain and glue the boards together. I sketched it out on the wood but I might make some changes to make the shape more dramatic. I found another panther picture I plan to put into the second frame. I will keep you abreast to my progress.

This is a rough sketch so far. I need to change things up a little but I have to wait for the glue is dry.

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  1. You & Dave need to have your own TV show – “Retro Resto’s with Hepcat & Dave”. I’m serious. Also, could you buzz by one day & make MY garage look as pretty as YOURS? I’m serious ;- )


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks Vic. I wish Dave was interested in what I am but he likes to build more modern pieces. It is great that I can rely on him to help me create my ideas.



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