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Carlo of Hollywood: Bullfighter Carlos Are Hung

Cross these off the resto list!

Well I finally re-finished the bullfighter frames. I had to reassemble one of the frames and glue them together. I decided to paint them black except for the edges that I decided to paint a coral color so they matched the coral accents of the pieces. These turned out really great and are larger than I thought they would be (a good problem).

I placed our ceramic bull fighter set near these newly restored Carlos.

The frames turned out wonderfully!

Here they are in their new place of honor in our bedroom.

Oh, what’s that you say? What are those amazing plaques on the same wall as the Carlos? Let me show you….

When we got these from Ebay they looked like this. They are mounted on these wood backboards that were kind of washed out so I changed them just a little.

I love the colors of these figures and yes, they are chalkware. I don’t know why I love chalkware so much….I need help.

I placed these with the Carlos because they just looked good together.

These were made in 1954 by Universal Statuary Company in Chicago.

We will enjoy these for a long time to come.

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  1. Beautiful grouping Hepcat! And the chalkware re-do’s look GREAT. Love the coral color on the sides of the frames – gives them great dimension. Good thing you two have LOTS of wall space! But I honestly don’t think you have room for that excruciatingly GORGEOUS SF Brinkman. Really, I don’t ;- )


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  3. Dear hepcats, I have a 1954 universal statue/bas relief of a dancing girl with a very short pale green dress and drum in her hand. In her other hand she is swooping her hair up in the air. Might you have any interest? Thanks for your fun site!



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