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Good News!

I am soo excited. It's like Christmas early!

Today our Rio Heywood Wakefield tall and low dressers arrived from Florida. As of right now we have a Rio vanity, dressers, one end table and a dog bone bed. I am picking up the other end table tomorrow. It has taken some time to get all these pieces and the hunt is half the fun. Now comes the long process of restoring all these pieces.

These will look great when re-finished.

The finish is flaking off and it looks like these currently have a wheat colored finish. I plan to re-finish them in champagne.

I hope to start on the restorations on Thursday.

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  1. HooBoy that must have been SO exciting seeing that truck roll in! I can just see your hands rubbing together in excitment! They look in pretty good shape except I could see a bit of that flaking. The other one doesn’t even look like it needs work so is it the color you’re changing?

    BTW – I bow to the driver of that truck that backed into your driveway. Have you guys ever watched ME back out of it???? If you want a bit of comic relief, just peek out the window sometime when I’m leaving. That ditch terrifies me & it takes me AT LEAST 3 or 4 tries to back out with getting in & out of the car to make sure I’m aimed straight & not going to drive backwards into it! Now, if you were a REAL NICE Hepcat, next time instead of comic relief, you can come out and guide me out! Haha!


    • Hepcat Restorations

      You’re hilarious Vic! I’ll make sure that the next time you come over we leave a pull through path under the…or guide you out so you don’t drive into the ditch.


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