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A question of FELT!

These were made by Continental Art Company. They appear to be whimsical robin hood characters. Anyways let's get into it...

How many times have all of us purchased something that has shotty felt on the bottom. Usually felt is placed on the bottom of lamps or ceramic pieces to prevent scratches on the surface of whatever they are placed on. Mel and I had these two lamps that had felt on the bottom but it was torn and worn.

Yep, gonna need some new felt.

Here is all you will need:
-The item you plan to re-felt
-Spray Adhesive (purchase at Lowe's)
-Felt (you can purchase from Michael's)

Spray the adhesive on the felt and the bottom of the lamp or item you are re-felting. Make sure to remove as much of the old felt as possible before you apply the new felt.

Place the lamp in the middle of the felt and press down. Give it about 10-15 minuets to adhere.

Use your scissors to cut off excess. Now it is good as new!

These are good to go now. They will look great on our almost finished Rio Heywood Wakefield night stands.

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