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Mel and I recently acquired these. They are really cool looking but their condition was filthy and worn.

These shadowboxes have a forced perspective style framing made out of striated plywood.

These needed some cleaning and new paint.

I know some folks might think I am a clean freak. I usually clean everything I get even when it isn’t dirty, but in this case they were. Once I cleaned each piece I saw that the paint was faded and chipped in some places.

The figurines were even filthy. I think some people just hang their pictures and never touch them again. It is truly amazing the amount of dirt and dust that builds up over time.

These are from Ceramic Arts Studio in Madison Wisconsin. It appears the female clowns head was repaired and crazy glued back on (not very noticeable). This brings up a good point, if you ever buy something ceramic that has a bad crazy glue repair, soak it in some water. This will loosen the glue and allow you to re-glue it properly.

After I repainted the boxes the same colors I hot glued the figurines back in place.

They shine like new and keeping the colors original help to make them look original.

These will help fill up the empty wall space in our redecorated bedroom.

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