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Daily Archives: April 30, 2012

Lovin’ Lodi

Mel and I visited Lodi last weekend and found some cool antique shops. We were finding a lot of little things but all of a sudden we came across this…

We already have a barber chair so it just seemed natural to get a 1950’s salon hairdryer. This one was way too cool to pass up. It is in great shape and just needed some cleaning.

The chair is in great shape. The only issue was a small cigarette burn near the ashtray.

The drying unit was made by Bonat

Here is an Ad on the drying unit. It turns on by flipping the visor down and shuts off by flipping it up.

The crazy thing is we purchased this not knowing if it worked or not. After I cleaned it up Mel and I plugged it in and it fired right up.

We love the colors. It is black, grey and pink.

This will be a great place to chill and listen to some tunes or read a book. I love that it even has pointy legs!

The best part about getting this was that all it needed was cleaning, so I didn’t really have to do anything.


Clovis Magazine Rack Restore

Mel and I picked this up in Clovis and it needed to be re-finished. It had a lot of rust and old paint on the frame. I love this rack because of its art deco lines and that it is able to be broken down.

The first thing that needed to be done was to sand down everything…..yes everything. It is a lot of work sanding metal frames and the metal trays. The new paint will bring this back to life.

Now that I have it all sanded (and have now acquired arthritis), it is time for paint!

I decided to use the classic color combo of black and maroon. It will look great!

After all the pieces were painted I set them out in the sun to dry. Once they dried I assembled them. This will look great in our bedroom.

Going The Distance

Mel and I drove out to beautiful Clovis California this weekend to do some antiquing. We manged to find a couple of cool items. Here is what we stumbled across…

We found this fantastic little art deco clock that still works!

This is an awesome Seeburg satellite speaker. I plan to use this with our Seeburg Library Unit Jukebox. I am unsure if this one works or not but I will have to clean it up and check it out.

Next we managed to find a couple of Gay Fad state glasses. We had not planned on collecting these but I guess here we go! We found 4 states: Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi & Kansas. We already New Mexico. This means we only need to find 45 more! It’s all good, we are up for a challenge!

Mel and I found this clock in one of the antique stores. I don’t know what it is about panthers or leopards, but they are soo cool and are highly desired by collectors.

Mel found some fish as well. I can’t even tell you how many that makes in our bathroom. We had a chance to buy some fish Carlo’s but the seller fizzled out. Those would have been so great to pair with these fish.

Next we came across this really cool art deco picture frame. I will see what 1940’s or 1950’s Hollywood starlet I can put in it….maybe Doris Day or Barbara Stanwyck or Elizabeth Taylor.

We also found this great cast iron RCA Victor record holder display with Nipper! I think I have a Sinatra or Elvis record I can put in it, or maybe Pearl Bailey.

We picked this unusual Art Deco style magazine holder. I haven’t seen one like this yet. I plan on restoring it.

It was nice to find a few things in Clovis. The day was beautiful and we had a fantastic time checking out Clovis.

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