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Going The Distance

Mel and I drove out to beautiful Clovis California this weekend to do some antiquing. We manged to find a couple of cool items. Here is what we stumbled across…

We found this fantastic little art deco clock that still works!

This is an awesome Seeburg satellite speaker. I plan to use this with our Seeburg Library Unit Jukebox. I am unsure if this one works or not but I will have to clean it up and check it out.

Next we managed to find a couple of Gay Fad state glasses. We had not planned on collecting these but I guess here we go! We found 4 states: Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi & Kansas. We already New Mexico. This means we only need to find 45 more! It’s all good, we are up for a challenge!

Mel and I found this clock in one of the antique stores. I don’t know what it is about panthers or leopards, but they are soo cool and are highly desired by collectors.

Mel found some fish as well. I can’t even tell you how many that makes in our bathroom. We had a chance to buy some fish Carlo’s but the seller fizzled out. Those would have been so great to pair with these fish.

Next we came across this really cool art deco picture frame. I will see what 1940’s or 1950’s Hollywood starlet I can put in it….maybe Doris Day or Barbara Stanwyck or Elizabeth Taylor.

We also found this great cast iron RCA Victor record holder display with Nipper! I think I have a Sinatra or Elvis record I can put in it, or maybe Pearl Bailey.

We picked this unusual Art Deco style magazine holder. I haven’t seen one like this yet. I plan on restoring it.

It was nice to find a few things in Clovis. The day was beautiful and we had a fantastic time checking out Clovis.

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  1. Missouri Michael

    What great finds! I love the Missouri Mule on the Missouri glass!


  2. I love the clocks! I have a serious thing for old clocks- don’t know why… I have that chalkware Nipper record display- I bought a new repro about 10 years ago. Yours looks older though, so maybe it’s an original. Love the teardrop Seeburg speakers- I have a pair of 1959 stereo speakers with mine.


    • Hepcat Restorations

      I know what you mean about clocks, I have way more than needed. The Nipper record display is an original and is solid cast iron!I really like the teardrop speaker as well, I just need to find another one so I have a set of two for our library unit. Thanks for your comment!


      • I have a cast iron RCA nipper dog record holder..but was thinking it may be the mold for couldnt put a record in it..It would destroy it..mine has no paint, but totally in tact..Any ideas or thoughts..price range?..i was told its a repro, because they didnt make cast iron ones..guess we proved them wrong..The antique store peoples eyes bugged out when they saw it..Going to take it to prominent appraiser from a prominent auction house here in Maine ..James Julia..they are very high end stuff..hopefully will get good info


      • Hey Jean,
        I think the one I have is cast iron and it is old. I think we paid something like $150 for ours. I would take it to an appraiser because I am not certain of the value. Let me know what you find out. Thanks!


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