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Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

Fiction becomes reality

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Mel and I were out antiquing over the weekend as usual and we headed into an antique store that was in the middle of selling off a large estate they just received. Most of the pieces were not our style until we stumbled across this vintage Shofu sake decanter set…

I know this isn’t a dead on match to the character in the “Bottles” cartoon but the set reminded me of the character.

This decanter set came with 6 small sake cups.

These were made in occupied Japan. I am surprised it is all in such great condition.

We love this set and will place it with our Gay Fad bar items.


Heywood Wakefield Restoration: Another Rio piece done!

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Here it is before the restoration. I know some of you may like it just as it sits but I wanted a more buttery finish.

I have been staying busy even though I have not been blogging a lot as of late. I did manage to finish another piece of our Rio Heywood Wakefield bedroom set. I still need to finish the bed frame and the low dresser.

Here it is! I think it looks great.

I wasted no time accessorizing the top. I finally had a place to put our Continental Art Company fairy lamp that I repaired.

I also freshened up the frame of this 1943 Cosmo DeSalvo print. This is a matching piece to a set that I should have in a few weeks from Atomic Warehouse.

Our bedroom is coming together slowly but it has been fun building it up. We managed to pick up a couple more Clay Art heads of some silver screen icons.  We still need to get Humphrey Bogart, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor (as Cleopatra), Mae West, and the rest of the Wizard of Oz characters (Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow). I do not know if they made any others because there is no list of faces manufactured. If anyone has any of these please let us know because we want to get a complete set.  Here is our wall as it sits now:

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