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Heywood Wakefield Restoration: Another Rio piece done!

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Here it is before the restoration. I know some of you may like it just as it sits but I wanted a more buttery finish.

I have been staying busy even though I have not been blogging a lot as of late. I did manage to finish another piece of our Rio Heywood Wakefield bedroom set. I still need to finish the bed frame and the low dresser.

Here it is! I think it looks great.

I wasted no time accessorizing the top. I finally had a place to put our Continental Art Company fairy lamp that I repaired.

I also freshened up the frame of this 1943 Cosmo DeSalvo print. This is a matching piece to a set that I should have in a few weeks from Atomic Warehouse.

Our bedroom is coming together slowly but it has been fun building it up. We managed to pick up a couple more Clay Art heads of some silver screen icons.  We still need to get Humphrey Bogart, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor (as Cleopatra), Mae West, and the rest of the Wizard of Oz characters (Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow). I do not know if they made any others because there is no list of faces manufactured. If anyone has any of these please let us know because we want to get a complete set.  Here is our wall as it sits now:

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  1. Your Rio chest turned out very nice! Do you have all the pieces you were looking for?


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks! I’m glad you asked. We are looking for a captains dog bone chair with the arm rests.


      • Hey Shane,
        As it turns out I do indeed have a single dogbone arm chair in storage. I was saving it to possibly complete a full set of two armed and 4 side chairs for another customer and honestly, the armed version is hard to come by. I’m guessing my customers will find a complete set they want before I ever find another armed chair with the side chairs for a decent price. It will take me a couple of days to get to storage to dig out. I know the chair is all original finish and will need to be refinished. I only have the frame and original plywood seat base with no upholstery or cushioning. Structurally sound but will need new batting and upholstery for the seat. Let me know if you think you have an interest and I will move forward. I’ll also look into shipping and I won’t gouge you on the price, although I need to make a few bucks on this.


  2. Such great masks! There is a Bogart mask from the set on ebay at the moment


  3. how much do u think that marlon brando mask is? my mother has one and like some insight on how much that was worth.



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