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Art Deco Lighted Bar

Here is what we saw that got us all excited!

Mel and I saw this on Craigslist a few weeks back and fell in love with the lighted feature. It appeared to be in good shape so we headed out to the bay to see what condition it was in. When we got there we began to talk with the seller and she advised us that it was her dads and he had passed away and she brought it down from his house in Alaska. She said she just wanted it to go to a good home. We advised her that we were not selling it and that it was being added to our collection and that seemed to put her at ease.

We were so excited to get it home to see if it lighted up and it did not disappoint. We were not able to test it when we purchased it so it was nice to not have to rewire it. This lights up when you open the top section, what a trip!

It appears it was made in England by Validity.

The cabinet was in overall great shape but the finish was yellowing and flaking off. I knew it would just need a quick refinish. These great Art Deco cabinets used some of the best looking veneer ever produced, this bar was no exception.

This grain is soo cool. I cut my restoring teeth on Art Deco furniture and it always refinishes well as long as the veneer isn’t damaged.

This will look great restored!

The restoring process goes as follows. The first thing you would is to strip off all the old finish. The next process is to light sand the whole piece. Then get a microfiber cloth and wipe down the whole piece. I took a chance on a new stain that I have never used before….

This stuff coats really well and is a thicker stain that takes less coats to achieve the finish you want.

After the stain dried I then sprayed the whole piece down with a semi-gloss polyurethane to seal and protect the finish of the piece. Here it is all finished. The next step is to find really cool barware to stock it with.

I don’t know if these photos do this unit justice but in person it looks amazing!

This unit reminds me of one of those old jukeboxes. I love the imagery on the fold out door!

Look at all the room there is for the liquor. Woooo Hooo!

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  1. That is one gorgeous piece of furniture! What a great deal! I’d have been falling all over myself trying to go after this!


  2. thatmidcenturyfella

    Looks great!


  3. You got this for SEVENTY FIVE BUCKS?!?!?!? Ok, send the parameds. I’ve just expired from jealousy. I swear, I’m going undercover & follow you around to your picking grounds!



  4. this is so gorgeous. i’m very jealous.


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