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Art Deco Lamp Resto

This was manufactured in 1931 by Scene in Action.

Mel and I came across this at one of our local antique haunts. I had been eyeballing this for sometime and didn’t know if I wanted to restore it. When we got to the register to check out the shop owner advised us that he found this next to a garbage can awaiting its destiny in the city dump. He said he pulled over and nabbed it. He then told me that he thought these were something that were sold at the Worlds Fair. He said this unit probably had a shroud that sat over the light bulb and moved from the heat of the bulb giving the picture motion. Unfortunately, when we purchased this the shroud was missing. He had owned it for a while with the intention of doing something with it, but he decided after having it around for a while that he wasn’t going to get to it so he decided to sell it. Yay for us!

This lamp was rusted and needed a new paint, print, wiring and new glass.

After some searching on the internet I found an image that I thought would look good in the light. This was a pretty straight forward restoration with just some spray paint and then black accent paint. After a couple of hours of work here it is!

I think it looks great!

This even looks better when lit!

This will look great atop our newly acquired 1958 (I think) GE coaxial television. This is a thin profile television that we picked up locally. I will blog about it soon!

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  1. I wonder what the purpose of that lamp was, since it was made before TV was invented? Anyway it’s amazing. My son collects the later versions of those lamps, the 3D type made in the 50s by companies like Helmscene. How did you replace the image?


    • Hepcat Restorations

      You know I totally missed that this came out before television. I did some research and it appears it was a motion lamp. There was a shroud that sat over the light bulb and moved from the heat of the bulb giving the appearance of motion to the picture. Since mine is missing the shroud I guess I will just re-purpose it as a TV lamp. I replaced the image by searching on google under art deco art. I printed it out on photo paper and sandwiched it between the two pieces of glass. Thanks soo much for your comment!



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