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Things are coming along…

Our bedroom is coming together. The Telefunken 5014 is back from the Stereoadvisor and works like a dream! I still need to find some really cool barkcloth curtains for the windows.

I have been soo busy with other projects that it has been really hard to find time to blog. If you have been following our blog you know that we have been redecorating our bedroom. Anyways, I wanted to show you some new additions to our bedroom. There is still a lot to do to get it where I want it to be. Here are some of the new things…

We purchased these from Atomic Warehouse and they are fantastic. I had to clean up the frames and repaint them but they turned out wonderful! Click on these links to see what they looked like before: Center Bullfighter, Left & Right Lower Bullfighters. The center one did not NEED to be repainted but I wanted to make it a set.

These abstract pieces are not signed Carlo but they are made by Art Metalcraft Studios.

This is an ORIGINAL Gill piece. This is my first original from him, usually you only find his prints. I found this on ETSY and I was not aware it was an original when I purchased it. Upon receiving it I looked more closely and the canvas had actual paint on it with brush strokes. This was a great find!

This is a fantastic Zonemaster Presidential Timezone Clock from sometime in the 50’s I would guess. This clock operates by turning the black round knob to the matching country on the list on the right. The clock has two set of hands that move to the correct time of the place selected. It also has AM and PM lights to let you know the correct time of day. The best thing is that it works!

Sexton wall cats. I love how sassy they look. I am allergic to cats so this is the closest I can get to owning one.

These Hedi Schoop figurines are fantastic and will look great sitting in the next item!

Mel and I found this HUGE shadowbox at Second Sunday under the bridge. We scored this one for only $75! It is going on the bathroom wall to display smalls.

This is a chalkware piece produced by Metropolitan Art Novelty Company in 1942. It required a refinish because it was chipped and the paint was faded. I think it looks great and it has a real Art Deco feel to it.

These are a couple of large Reglor Adam and Eve plaques we ordered on Ebay. I have never seen these before and let me tell you these are fantastic. If anyone else has Reglor plaques they want to get rid of give me a shout.

I had these frames just sitting around and then I had an idea to put a couple of classic movie stars in them. I of course thought of a film noir star and Hollywood icon  Robert Mitchum and the always exciting Burt Lancaster. I love they way these turned out and I am now on the hunt for wire frames. These frames do such a good job at not taking away from the image.

Here is a fantastic Bunnell piece we picked up at 57th Street Antique Mall. I love this ship wreck scene.

Now for the next item we acquired, we were fortunate that our friend Jillian let us know it hit Ebay. We were so excited when she let us know the piece was for sale. If you remember, this is on our “Holy Grail” section of our home page on the right side (still need to update with new item). Mel and I thought we would be in our 80’s before we would have this one. THANKS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH JILLIAN!!!!!

The painting is in great shape but the frame had seen better days. I sanded it down and repainted it.

Mel and I are happy that the bedroom is coming along and hope to finish it up soon. I still need to refinish the low Rio Heywood Wakefield dresser and the Brown Saltman desk designed by Paul Laszlo we acquired from our friend Vic. I will keep you updated as we go. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh you have been busy….SHOPPING! WhooWe! Love it all, but HUGE congrats on that Carlo you’ve been wanting since forever! I’m so happy for you. I’ve never seen wire picture frames like those before & I love them. The shadow box is to die for. You simply must be running out of room in that bedroom Hepcat. When are we going to see some pics of all this stuff in the room? Good to “see” you back.



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