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Grundig Majestic

Mel and I purchased a set of Grundig speakers a while back but I couldn’t find a stereo unit that would match them well enough. Then while Mel and I were restocking our booth at 57th Street Antiques Mall, I decided to stroll around the store to see if any of my fellow dealers had anything I could not live without. That is when I stumbled across this Grundig Majestic model SO 205 U/S. I was soo excited when I saw it. I just knew it would look great with the speakers. The radio works great but the record player will need help from Luis from Stereoadvisor. The tops of the speakers and the stereo need to be re-finished with gloss polyurethane (I will show how to do this later). This is such a classy looking piece, we love it!

Here are the speakers we already had. I was on the verge of getting rid of these before I found the Grundig unit.

Here is the new unit with the speakers. I am not sure if these speakers actually went to this model but they look soo right together.

This has AM, FM, shortwave and a record player.

Even the speaker fabric matches which helps it all tie together.

One more piece of German craftsmanship in our collection.

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  1. Nice…….they look great together


  2. Smashing! Absolutely beautiful! Methinks you being at 57th St., might be a mixed blessing. I myself try so hard to keep my “blinders” on at Folsom but it does little good. I’m like a bird with a million shiny objects. Sometimes it seems like I carry more out than I bring in :- ) Another great score kiddo!
    P.S. Hi to Frank!


  3. Please, Please, Please do not put polyurethane on these beauties.


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  5. Excellent. Can you please share speaker model details. I have been looking for this kinda speakers & console. This match made in heaven


  6. I have a set of these speakers if anyone is interested.


  7. mouhssine azaddarh

    I have one since 1970 and I wanna sell it . Contact me : 00212 707 030693



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