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Panthers Everywhere!!!

I love the imagery and the colors. I hope to get 5-6 pillows out of these.

Mel and I were over at Roseville Antique Trove when we came across these 3 fantastic curtain panels. I almost jumped out of my skin when Mel discovered them. For some reason panthers have always had a special place in mid century decor along with flamingos. The curtains are too short for our windows so they are going to be converted into pillows for the Tiki room in our home. I wish I knew how to sew but unfortunatly I don’t……funny isn’t it? I am this big guy, tattooed and all and I wish I could sew LOL!!!

The colors will work with the cushions on the 6 band rattan set.

I’ll show you how these turn out when they are all done.

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  1. Those are fantastic! Makes me wish for a Tiki room in my house 🙂


  2. What? You don’t sew?! There’s actually SOMETHING the Hepcat can’t do?! I’m thinking if you had more time you’d be learning that too! ;- ) GREAT score. These are going to be gorgeous with the rattan! BTW – is it done yet????



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