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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Time for Traveltalks!

It’s time once again to let our good friend James A. Fitzpatrick to show us more wonders from around the world! Inspiring us to travel and see this vast world.

A Few New Old Things!

Mel and I came across this on Ebay and loved it. Of course it is chalkware which I can’t seem to get enough of. This lamp is a trip with the double shades and the styling. I had to relace the shades because they were coming off the frames. I need to do that to our guitar lamps well, when I do I will show you how to do it. Unfortunately there is no makers mark so I don’t know who to give credit to for this fine piece.

Since I have been away for a while I haven’t had a chance to update a few of the new items we have acquired.

Here she is all lit up!

I have been in a James Bunnell buying phase. He was a California artist specializing in printmaking. I love his silk screen/serigraph art and can’t get enough of it. His works have such great detail and the imagery is always really impressive.

LOVE the PINK palms in the background! Yep I am a MAN and I LOVE PINK!…….oh, and Aqua too!

Here is another Bunnell. It appears to be a mountain lion with its cub. What is cool is that on the edges of this piece you can see how they layered the colors to get the final piece.

Another Bunnell with a Jaguar drinking from a downed tree. This one isn’t signed but I am 99% sure its a Bunnell. I want to place these in Carlo frames but I can’t seem to find any that are the right size.

Mel and I were also able to acquire a few more Carlo of Hollywood paintings. We must have over 70 of his watercolors at this point. I know we need to update our gallery section of the site.

We already had one similar to this piece but this one is in far better shape. The one we already had was damaged in shipping and the glass cut a little into the art. Thankfully, this one arrived with no issues. This is a large Carlo and will look great in our Tiki room.

This is one of two. Off to the Tiki room!

Here is it’s mate!

The colors on these are vibrant. I had to verify it wasn’t just a print but an original piece.

These must of been hung in a closet to still be this vibrant!

This amazing shadowbox was courtesy of Jillian who allowed us to adopt it. This is soo atomic! The best thing is I don’t even have to restore it! Yay for me!

We found this piece on Ebay. It is rather large and beautiful. It was signed “Sue”, I am not familiar with this artist but I am a fan of her work.

These are new as well. Well, when I say new i mean newly acquired. They are striated plywood wall planters. I think they have really cool styling.

These are a couple of small chalkware wall plaques that I recently restored. They were not in the best of shape when we received them,  but I think they look great now.

As you can see we have been busy. We are excited to get everything up so we can enjoy it!

Good Bye To A Great Guy

I have always enjoyed watching Ernest Borgnine. His gruff voice and very personable personality always seemed to make him soo likeable. I remember the first time I saw him was in the series Airwolf back in the 80’s. Ever since then I was hooked. He really didn’t play many lead roles but he was noticeable in all his roles. I just watched my favorite movie with him just recently on TCM (Turner Classic Movies), Marty. I feel he did some of his best acting in that movie. This is a film about a heavy-set Italian-American butcher (Ernest Borgnine) who lives in The Bronx, New York City, with his mother (Esther Minciotti). Unmarried at 34, the good-natured but socially awkward man faces constant badgering from family and friends to get married, pointing out that all his brothers and sisters are already married with children. Not averse to marriage but disheartened by his lack of prospects, Marty has reluctantly resigned himself to bachelorhood. In spite of his failed love life, Marty maintains an optimistic outlook on life characterized by his frequent outbursts such as “Perfect!” or “Fantastic!”.

Ernie acted late into life. His last role was in the recent movie R.E.D. He played a small role but as usual he was great. Heck, Ernie also did voice acting on Sponge Bob Square Pants as well. He truly enjoyed his craft and it showed.

If you want to know what great films you can watch Ernie in here are a few to watch:

The Wild Bunch

From Here to Eternity

Bad Day at Black Rock

The Dirty Dozen

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how special I think he was and let you know what a credit he was to his art. It saddens me to see our true Hollywood treasure from the golden age of film passing on. The only comfort you can take from it is we can enjoy them through their films and if we do that they never really are gone.

God bless you Ernie!


Panther Pillows Are Done!


Love the imagery of this fabric.

You might remember a few weeks ago me blogging about the super cool barkcloth we purchased from Antique Trove in Roseville, California. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I needed to get pillows made out of them. That is where Debbie over at “The Creative Needle” came in. I used her services before when I needed seat cushions made for some Burke chairs I restored. She does really great work and is fast and reasonable. If you live in the Sacramento valley she is the one to see. Here is how they turned out:


Debbie did a great job on these. She even centered the panther on all the pillows and added zippers, supper cool!

She also made a few pillows out of some fabric I had left over from a lamp shade that was made for one of our Moss lamps.


These just make this chair look that much more cooler.


A closer look.

When Mel and I purchased the panther fabric we also picked up some cool tropical barkcloth pillows that were without zippers so I dropped those off to Debbie so she could add zippers. Zippers are great because it allows you to wash the covers when they become soiled. It also allows you to replace the pillow inside when it is broken down. Here are a few of the pillows that were freshened up.


These will look great in our Tiki room!

Thank god for people like Debbie who do such a fantastic job. I highly recommend you contact her if you have any sewing needs.

Catch Of The Day


These vintage mermaids are actually end table bases. I guess they use to have glass that sat on top of them. I want to re-purpose them as seductive mermaids around our tub.

Mel and I were at our booth at 57th Street Antiques stocking when I came across these in our friend Ed’s booth. They were painted very crudely and needed a complete repaint. They are going to be placed on  both sides of the tub in our bathroom to go with all of Mel’s ceramic wall fish. Whatever kind of white paint that was used to paint these must be some kind of atomic white. As you can see from the photos it is soo bright! Arrrggghhhh my eyes!


I decided to change the color of their skin. I thought they should have more of a golden tan color. I also wanted to give the eyes more of a human look.

Painting the main body of the mermaid is very straight forward. I shot over to Lowes as usual to pick out the semi-gloss paints I felt would look great on these pieces. It also is important to have numerous brushes with different thickness of tips for broad strokes and for fine detail.


To make each mermaid more 50’s I decided to give them those really cool eyelashes. I also changed the hair colors so they look more life like.

After a few days of work here is how they turned out. I think they will look great on each side of our tub. It is very hard to find items that are water themed from the 50’s.


Wow! Just look at those fantastic…………eyes!


I think the eyes turned out good.

We also recently picked up this Reglor Koi fish lamp that I had to restore. I am on the lookout for  a duplicate so let me know if you can help me!


I LOVE the way this Reglor turned out!

One of these would work too!


1952 Continental Art Company Tropical Fish Lamp


1951 Reglor Fish Lamp

Weinberg Horse Lamp Repair

Here’s the lamp Stephen received after being assured it would be packed very well.

Stephen asked us to repair this rare Horse Weinberg lamp that he had been searching for. If you get a chance, check out his eBay store as he has a lot of really cool items. He was devastated when he opened the box and found that the base was broken. We know his pain all too well as we’ve received many chalkware/plaster lamps shipped to us broken/damaged. Unfortunately, we’re currently dealing with an issue with a cracked pair of Continental Art Company Trillium Flower lamps we purchased on eBay similar to the one we repaired for Camila and Matt.

Oh No!

The lamp is actually made of a terracotta type material. I was able to use the same technique I use to repair chalkware/plaster lamps. However, the material is very porous so I had to use a gel glue that wasn’t quickly absorbed into the lamp. I allowed a couple days for the glue to dry before I filled the break.

Base filled after a few days of drying in the sun.

The most difficult part of any lamp repair is the re-painting. It is very difficult to find an exact color match, especially with black. The slightest difference in the color sticks out like a sore thumb. It is amazing how many different variations of black there is, but we were able to find a pretty spot on match. What also made this repair especially difficult was trying to find an effective technique to duplicate the greyish striated design of the lamp. Mel typically does the detail work on the repairs and I think she did a great job duplicating the the design.

Base after filling and sanding.

It is really important to look at your pieces in different lighting. Take your piece outside in the sun, etc. to make sure the paint has full coverage of the piece.

Close up of repair.

Finished piece!

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