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These vintage mermaids are actually end table bases. I guess they use to have glass that sat on top of them. I want to re-purpose them as seductive mermaids around our tub.

Mel and I were at our booth at 57th Street Antiques stocking when I came across these in our friend Ed’s booth. They were painted very crudely and needed a complete repaint. They are going to be placed on  both sides of the tub in our bathroom to go with all of Mel’s ceramic wall fish. Whatever kind of white paint that was used to paint these must be some kind of atomic white. As you can see from the photos it is soo bright! Arrrggghhhh my eyes!


I decided to change the color of their skin. I thought they should have more of a golden tan color. I also wanted to give the eyes more of a human look.

Painting the main body of the mermaid is very straight forward. I shot over to Lowes as usual to pick out the semi-gloss paints I felt would look great on these pieces. It also is important to have numerous brushes with different thickness of tips for broad strokes and for fine detail.


To make each mermaid more 50’s I decided to give them those really cool eyelashes. I also changed the hair colors so they look more life like.

After a few days of work here is how they turned out. I think they will look great on each side of our tub. It is very hard to find items that are water themed from the 50’s.


Wow! Just look at those fantastic…………eyes!


I think the eyes turned out good.

We also recently picked up this Reglor Koi fish lamp that I had to restore. I am on the lookout for  a duplicate so let me know if you can help me!


I LOVE the way this Reglor turned out!

One of these would work too!


1952 Continental Art Company Tropical Fish Lamp


1951 Reglor Fish Lamp

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  1. Your mermaids turned out great! Nice job. If I stumble across something that will fit with your fish motif I’ll give you a heads up!



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